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Love Never Breaks by Antonia Acevedo


Love should never break your heart, your arms your ribs

Love is supposed to give you hope, security; some reason to live

Love never breaks you and leaves you empty and ready to hide;

Love is supposed to make you walk with pride,

Love never breaks your mind and make you feel you are to blame;

Love is supposed to comfort you and ease your pain,

Love never breaks your soul and leave your loved ones to be consoled;

Love should never be out of control,

Love never breaks the person you are nor the one you can become;

Love is supposed to help you overcome,

Love is supposed to protect you and hold you tight;

Love should not cause your family to cry every night,

Mourning your death, left behind to fight.

Love is not perfect, this much we know is true,

But love should never break you. 

Love never breaks!!


In memory of the women who lost their lives to domestic violence.




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